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Tree care: pruning and trimming

Create shape and style while taking care of trees. Not sure what to do? Our experts can tell you how to best trim or top your type of trees for the best results.
Few quick tips for tree care:
The soil level around a tree should not be changed from the soil level at which it was planted. Adding soil (even 6 inches) can smother roots and rot a tree’s trunk. Digging soil out can damage shallow roots. Keep dogs and dog waste (both liquid and solid) out of the tree pit. The waste will overwhelm a tree, burning its trunk, and throwing the soil nutrients out of balance. Remove unwanted competing plants, i.e. weeds. Keep garbage and de-icing salt out of the tree pit. Try alternatives to rock salt (sodium chloride) such as calcium chloride or granular urea. In the spring, flush the tree pit with water to dilute winter salt buildup. Don’t lock bikes to trees or leave decorative lighting on past February. Remove supporting wires if they are left on more than one year afterplanting.

tree care staten islandStorm damage repair
Storms can cause problems for more than just your trees. When you have quite a bit of debris, including branches from trees, down on your property, give us a call to receive speedy service and repairs.

tree care serviceLand and Sukkah clearance
For larger items, such as fallen trees, branches that have blown around or even accumulated leaves and debris in your parking lot, let us clear and haul it for you. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

We take extra care to be respectful to your business, personal and organization’s property when we are out servicing, cutting or clearing your trees.

We can also help you with tree pest control issues. Find out more.

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